“We believe our customers’ health is in our hands”

–Chef Lawrence

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Letter From The Executive Chef

There is no greater honor than to prepare food that someone relies on to support their healthy lifestyle.  Each time you order, the same professional chefs prepare your meals from scratch taking great care that your meals are clean, fresh and taste delicious.

There’s a reason why we are the original meal prep for healthy meals delivered here in San Diego County.  Experience the reason yourself, we would be honored to be invited to your family’s dinner table.

Wishing You the Best of Health,
Lawrence Martineau
Founder/Executive Chef

What we do?

We offer healthy meals delivered to your home making it easier for our customers to enjoy fresh foods that are intentionally prepared for each customer’s dinner meal requirements.

What makes our meal prep delivery different?

  • We offer a variety of portion sizes (Individual serving vs family size servings)
  • We use only fresh ingredients that are hand prepared
  • Our meal prep is customized to meet your dietary requirements
  • We have a variety of menu choices to address family members with different tastes and preferences
  • Affordable prices
  • We only use locally grown food and agricultural products
  • Small, boutique local business

Having your healthy meals delivered shortens kitchen meal prep time, allowing more time to do the things you really want to do i.e., help your children with distance learning, knocking out chores or just spending quality time with friends and family.

Who we meal prep for?

Individuals or families who do not have the time, nor the desire to prepare fresh healthy meals for themselves at home.

Individuals or families who want to limit their exposure to COVID by avoiding the grocery stores or restaurants thus want a trusted source they can rely on for providing healthy meals delivered directly to your door (no contact).

How people’s lives have changed since they started using our meal prep delivery service

  • They have more quality family time because of our zero effort meals
  • No stress over who is preparing their food
  • They feel that they are being responsible by providing healthy, customized food to their families
  • Getting to continually try new foods thanks to our rotating menu

Our meal prep service is the start to creating a healthy, balanced family unit, by brining families back to the dinner table.

Our Kitchen

Located in a 1,200 sq ft. commercial kitchen in Escondido, CA, we are regularly inspected by San Diego County Department of Environmental Health and have always maintained a high A rating.  We have been at this kitchen since we began our business and we look forward to continue expanding in our beautiful facility.

Our Mission

Be a leading provider of Ready-To-Serve healthy meals delivered to your home and by being responsible of where our ingredients come from, how we prepare the meals and how our customers’ health is affected by our food.