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Foods that are Healing for the Mind and Body

For Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to share the foods that can help keep your body and mind healthy! What we eat has a direct effect on our body and brain chemistry, and a huge impact on our overall wellbeing. Certain nutrient-rich foods can improve mental health, brain function, and memory. Eating healthy whole foods helps us think clearly, feel alert, boost concentration and attention span, and can even help ward off stress [...]

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Reducing Food Waste for Earth Day 2021

Earth Day began in 1970 and is celebrated each year on April 22. It is a day when environmentalists work to raise awareness about environmental issues and mobilize the public to take action that preserves the health of the Earth’s environment. There are many ways to help protect the planet, and your daily food choices can make a huge impact! This Earth Day, let us share a few ways you can help protect the [...]

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