Menu Highlights

Each delivery our customers receive, they experience the pleasure of having Cook Free fresh, thoughtfully prepared meals.  Here are highlights of some of the meals we prepare from scratch each week.  We are a service that puts our customers' health as the main ingredient in each of our recipes.

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Family in the kitchen

I grew up in a family owned business. There are life teachings you can only get from that type of experience. Here are my two boys learning family recipes and how to keep a kitchen organized. Chef Lawrence #sddinnerdelivery #escondidosmallbusiness #NorthCountyFoodie #familybusiness #familybiz

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Our Food Doesn’t Contain Rocks!

Here is a reason to buy locally produced food products that are prepared under the watchful eye of a caring kitchen staff. Support local businesses who have a vested interest in the health of their community.   Chef Lawrence #sddinnerdelivery #smallbusiness #supportsmallbusiness #localbusiness #sandiegocounty #northcountysd

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New Local Culinary Partner

We are always looking for ways to add more healthy meal choices for our customers. We are excited to announce our culinary partnership with this new food provider. Just like my company, they are local and care about how their meals affect their customers' health. Chef Lawrence #sddinnerdelivery #freshcreationssd #sandiego #mealprep #mealservice #mealdeliveryservice #mealdeliveryinsandiego #sandiegomealprep

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Family Meal Quotes

During this time of eating more meals together, what are some quotes that your family would say when it comes to eating dinner. Please share your family quotes.  Click blog post to see one of my family's quotes. If you are an existing customer and you share a quote, I will put 200 Cook Free Points into your account. --Chef Lawrence #sddinnerdelivery Share your quotes at the social media platform of your choosing: [...]

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Covid-19 Safety Measures

At, we have always had the following mindset:   We feel that our customers' health is in our hands! With the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent social distancing guidelines, now more than ever, that commitment applies! Here are a few things we do to ensure the highest standards of safety for our valued customers: Wearing masks and gloves during all external trips, including deliveries and sourcing ingredients Within the kitchen we constantly change our gloves [...]

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