Healing Qualities of Stinging Nettle in Food

Eating stinging nettle has been linked to many health benefits through multiple studies. Take advantage of these healing qualities by adding stinging nettle into your diet! If you’re not sure where to start, let us share the benefits of consuming stinging nettle in food, and how to start enjoying all its healing qualities! Why is it Called Stinging Nettle? Stinging nettle’s scientific name is Urtica dioica. This is derived from the Latin root ‘uro’, which [...]

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Foods that are Healing for the Mind and Body

For Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to share the foods that can help keep your body and mind healthy! What we eat has a direct effect on our body and brain chemistry, and a huge impact on our overall wellbeing. Certain nutrient-rich foods can improve mental health, brain function, and memory. Eating healthy whole foods helps us think clearly, feel alert, boost concentration and attention span, and can even help ward off stress [...]

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Reducing Food Waste for Earth Day 2021

Earth Day began in 1970 and is celebrated each year on April 22. It is a day when environmentalists work to raise awareness about environmental issues and mobilize the public to take action that preserves the health of the Earth’s environment. There are many ways to help protect the planet, and your daily food choices can make a huge impact! This Earth Day, let us share a few ways you can help protect the [...]

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Meal Prep vs Grocery Stores

We all know how important nutrition is to our health and happiness, but when we’re busy working full time, ferrying kids around town, or trying to squeeze in social time, a homecooked meal might seem too time-consuming to prepare. Planning your meals for the week, shopping at the grocery store, then spending hours in the kitchen cooking can be a daunting task. If you’ve ever considered cutting down on time spent preparing your meals, [...]

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Are Artificial Ingredients Bad?

If food is meant to provide health to your body, then why would artificial ingredients be used in meal preparation?  The simple answer is…the further away your meals are prepared from your kitchen the longer they need to sit on the grocery store shelf before you buy them, so artificial ingredients are used to increase their shelf life.  Many international studies have been conducted on the effects of artificial ingredients on animals.  Results of [...]

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Thanksgiving Dinner Delivery for a Stress Free Holiday Feast

Feels like it has been a lifetime since we gathered with family and friends, and after the past 8 months don’t you deserve an easy Thanksgiving? I am sure most of you are planning your first get-together since the commencement of COVID-19, and probably have a lot of family catching up to do, so why spend all day in the kitchen when you can spend quality time with family and friends? This year has been [...]

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Meal Prep Deliver Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID pandemic remains, we continue to take precautions to limit our risks in attracting the virus. One solution people are using to limit exposure is with meal prep delivery services. From this time last year, healthy meal prep delivery demand has increased as much as 70% (based on research from credit card data firm Second Measure) because of the pandemic. Question is, which meal prep delivery services have the best safeguards to [...]

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Health becoming integral to condiment innovation

This article is from Food Business News.  One of my approaches in the kitchen is to keep my sauces and marinades "clean" of any other ingredients that don't contribute to the overall health of the meal we are preparing.  This article shows how consumers are demanding the same from major food producers.   Enjoy this article as much as I did--Chef Lawrence KANSAS CITY — Condiment makers are offering consumers more than flavor, with product developers [...]

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What you eat can help protect your hearing

This article is from Consumer Reports.  It's interesting how just following a common sense, natural diet helps supports your hearing.  This article is also helpful for people with Type 2 diabetes which I have.   Enjoy this article as much as I did--Chef Lawrence About 44 million American adults have hearing loss, and that number is expected to almost double to 73 million by 2060. It’s no surprise that minimizing exposure to high-decibel noise protects [...]

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