As the COVID pandemic remains, we continue to take precautions to limit our risks in attracting the virus. One solution people are using to limit exposure is with meal prep delivery services. From this time last year, healthy meal prep delivery demand has increased as much as 70% (based on research from credit card data firm Second Measure) because of the pandemic.

Question is, which meal prep delivery services have the best safeguards to limit you and your family’s exposure to COVID? I have created some key points that I feel are important to consider when evaluating a meal prep delivery service (i.e., Blue Apron, Sun Basket, etc.).

  1. Know who is preparing your food.  Your food is only as safe as the people who are taking the proper precautions to protect themselves from COVID.  One way to ensure you have the right people preparing your meals is to have a relationship with the chef.  When evaluating a meal prep delivery service, having a one on one relationship with the chef goes a long way to help you feel comfortable that your food is being responsibly prepared.
  2. Know how healthy the food is for you.  With so many people falling ill from the coronavirus (COVID-19), unhealthy diets are contributing to pre-existing conditions that put them more at risk.  (Excerpt from an article published by the World Bank Group):

It’s important to have food that’s going to help support your health.  When reviewing a menu, ask yourself, ‘is this food typically viewed as fast food whose goal is to simply make me feel “full” or am I getting food that is purposely prepared to “feed” my body and support my overall health? Meals that are prepared from scratch using minimal to zero processed ingredients are a good indicator that the food will be good for you. The following link shares World Health Organization’s point of view on the importance of a healthy diet during COVID:—healthy-diet

  1. Contact Less Delivery. Make sure your meal delivery is left in the packaging outside, so as there is no direct contact with the delivery driver.  Preferrable the meals are packaged in a cooler with ice, so the meals can be left outside your front door and you can retrieve them at your convenience.
  2. Know how your food is packaged.  It’s important to have meals that are packaged to be resistant to tampering or potentially having your food exposed to unwanted elements during delivery.  Meals that are packaged in airtight containers or food trays with locking lids provide a good solution in having your meals delivered safely. Once you receive the meals, wipe down the food trays with disinfectant and wash your hands.

When it comes to evaluating a meal prep delivery service, it comes down to comfort.  Who makes you feel most comfortable that their service will limit your potential exposure to COVID, or to any other ailment for that matter.  If you are looking for the convenience of having healthy meals delivered to you, then it makes sense to enjoy meals that will benefit you and your family’s health.

Best of Health,

Chef Lawrence