Feels like it has been a lifetime since we gathered with family and friends, and after the past 8 months don’t you deserve an easy Thanksgiving?

I am sure most of you are planning your first get-together since the commencement of COVID-19, and probably have a lot of family catching up to do, so why spend all day in the kitchen when you can spend quality time with family and friends?

This year has been marked by an influx of online grocery deliveries and order subscription meal prep delivery kits, in most cases for survival due to fear of exposure. That said why should turkey day be any different.

In the past going to the grocery store days before Thanksgiving was already panic inducing, being met with barren shelves and packed aisles.  This year avoiding the crowd is dire, so let us make your holiday a success.

Let’s face it most years we experience at least one of these Thanksgiving meal blunders:

  • Dry turkey or giblets left inside
  • Gluey mashed potatoes
  • Bland or greasy gravy
  • Soggy stuffing

This year make everything perfect by not making it at all. Get our thanksgiving dinner delivery.

Here is what our thanksgiving dinner delivery options are:

Complete oven roasted free-range turkey dinner (Servings: 12 to 13).

12 to 13 Pounds of free-range turkey meat (Dark and White) oven roasted in fresh, traditional herbs scented with orange and accompanied with the following sides:

Boneless roasted free-range turkey breast only dinner (servings: 5-8).

5 pounds of boneless turkey breast oven roasted in fresh, traditional herbs scented with orange and accompanied with the following sides:

  • Ginger Infused Cranberry/Orange Sauce-8 Ounces
  • Choice of Either Fresh Green Bean Casserole (Hand Trimmed Green Beans) with Crispy Onions and Pimentos OR Roasted Roots Vegetables with Sage – 1 1/2Lb.
  • Cream Whipped Potatoes with Chives- 2 Lb.
  • Rich Flavored Riesling Turkey Gravy (Takes Two Days to Prepare) – 2 Cups
  • Hand Torn Bread Stuffing with Apple and Aromatics (Prepared Just Like Your Grandmother Would) – 2 Lb.

You can also order just the sides for your Thanksgiving dinner.

I have prepared hundreds of Thanksgiving meals for my customers over the years—it’s one of my favorite menu items to prepare each year. When we hand prepare your family’s Thanksgiving meal, I visualize your family siting around the dinner table, taking in the comforting smells of these traditional ingredients as you share in each other’s company. Invite our service to your family’s Thanksgiving dinner table—it would be an honor.

Best of Health,

Chef Lawrence